LOOW is a Danish clothing brand, specialized in making merino wool garments of the highest quality. Through vast knowledge, a personal approach and attention to detail, we aim to make the best products on the market. LOOW was founded in 2015 by Anders Lorentzen, a former Special Operation Forces operator, and conceived on his hands-on learnings through seven years in the unit (Jægerkorpset).

LOOW represents a unique approach to clothes making. One that doesn’t pay attention to a fast-paced fashion industry, but instead focus solely on quality, durability and versatility, and the idea that we are supposed to depend on and demand more from what we wear.

Our clothing are constantly developed and improved by input from our users. In our aim to make the best clothing, we are taking no shortcuts and never seek the obvious solution. 

We manufacture everything locally and ship all orders directly to you, cutting away middlemen.



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